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Ryslinge Efterskole

description of organisation

Ryslinge Efterskole is part of the efterskole association, where 14 – 18 year old pupils stay for a full year from August to July
The students in Ryslinge are between 15 and 17 years old. They come from all over Denmark and sometimes we receive students from abroad.
At Ryslinge Efterskole there is also a folk high school, where adults stay for half a year.
All students stay in two beds room and eat together in the dining hall.
We teach the student in Danish language and English, German and French as second and third language. And focus on creative subjects as art, theatre, music, science and filmmaking and adventure.
The students stay in school throughout the week but many of them stay also in the school during weekends, where they are offered other activities.
Ryslinge is a non smoking and non alcoholic school. Boys and girls are not allowed to sleep with each other, and for us it is important that everybody gains from a good and powerful friendship.
The students are taught how to live a life with democracy and liberty.
There are 140 students and about 17 teachers + staff in kitchen and cleaning areas.

motivation and evs experience

This is the first time Ryslinge Efterskole participates in the EVS programme. We are looking for two volunteers who will stay as volunteers for a full school year, from the beginning of August to the end of June.
We have twice been part of another exchange programme and our school and students are well prepared to welcome the volunteers. They are open minded and willing to learn from other cultures.
The volunteers will share an apartment in our very beautiful main building.

project environment

Project environment:
Ryslinge is situated in the middle of Denmark on the island Fyn. Denmark’s third biggest city Odense is about 20 km away.
In Odense you find university and all recreational oppurtunities.
Odense is also the city, where HC Andersen the famous writer was born.

Ryslinge Efterskole is built 148 years ago and is a very beautiful and charming building.
As a volunteer, you will be part of the big family in Ryslinge where our 140 students and many from our staff live.
We have a sportshall, fittness center and even a small cinema in our school, where the students can go after school hours.
As mentioned earlier, the two volunteers will get their own apartment with kitchen, bathroom and wireless internet facilities.
The kitchen will be open throughout the day, so you don´t have to cook at all.

The students are open minded and well qualified speeking in foreign language

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
The activities will depend on the personal background and skills the volunteers will bring to the school.
We are expecting two major skills, where one of them will be language: either English, German, French or Spanish
The other skill is in one of our six creative subject: art, music, theatre, science or filmmaking.
The volunteer will be asked to arrange culturel games and other activities in some of the evenings and weekends. As a volunteer you represent your country and are expected to share some of your cultural knowledge to the danish students.

In a boarding school like ours, where students stay 24/7, it is expected that the volunteers work with great interest and participates in many of the activities throuhout the year. It is very hard to imagine, what a life in an efterskole is like, so it is very important, that you are openminded.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
We are looking for two volunteers with dreams of beeing together with young foreign 16-year old people.
They should like assisting in educational matters and they should like to arange evening activities.
They should be strong in language, their own culture and one of the schools creative subjects.

We will make skype interviews to carry out the right profile to the programme.

Number of volunteers hosted: 2

Risk prevention, protection and safety:
Both volunteers will be assigned with a mentor/teacher, who will guide them into the school system

We are looking for volunteers who are at least 22 years old to make sure, there is an age difference between the students and the volunteer