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Meetings with young people and decision-makers

Structured Dialogue in UK

Youth in Action enables young people to implement structured dialogue between young people and those responsible for youth policy. Apply now!

Structured dialogue is the name used for discussions between young people and those responsible for policy. Under action 5.1 of the Youth in Action programme, you can get involved and set up your own meeting with a decision makers at all levels!


Structured dialogue can take the form of seminars, conferences and other events organised locally, nationally or even internationally. With this, young people are encouraged to debate, discuss and actively participate on youth issues that affect them.


Case Study


A 5-day seminar was organised for youing peopel aged between 18-25, inviting experts and decision-makers of the youth field. The event was based on learning workshops and lectures, where the young people took the role of lecturers and experts took the role of students. Through this, experts and decision makers were able to better understand the views and opinions of young people, whilst young people were able to understand the views of the experts and decision-makers.

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