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Jobs in the UK

Information about finding a job in the UK

Working in the United Kingdom can be a great way to improve your English, gain work experience and earn some money.  From hospitality to painting and decorating, the UK has lots of opportunities for young people.


We have to be honest and advise you that the UK can be an expensive place to live especially in the main cities like London. Our advice is to prepare as best you can before you leave and research other cities, which may be cheaper. This will also increase your job opportunities, as will having an understanding of the English language so try to take some English classes in advance. Remember that the UK includes Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales when you’re considering your options.


Try applying for jobs before your leave and check your visa requirements. You could try contacting local networks listed on social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and MySpace. For example if you’re Polish you may find a Polish group based in Manchester. These networks can be a wealth of information on where to look for work, which pub is showing your local team’s match and where to find that local delicacy you’re missing. Use them to ask questions and build your network before coming to the UK.


Here is a list of useful links for finding work in the UK:


General information

The British Government and aims to provide you with clear information about the various routes open to foreign nationals who want to come to the UK to work, study, live, etc.:
UK Home Office website

The EURES job portal gives information on living and working abroad. Jobseekers can search online for job vacancies in other European countries, post their CV online for employers to read and search for learning opportunities and courses abroad. Employers can search for CVs, advertise job vacancies and get in touch directly with suitable candidates:

Civil Society Media is an independant news, publishing and events company focused entirely on charities and other civil society organisations.

Civil Society Jobs

The Just Landed website functions a guide to finding a job in the UK:

Just Landed

The Site provides fact sheets and articles on all the key issues facing young people including work, study and volunteering. The site also offers information on topics such as sex and relationships, drinking and drugs, housing, legal and finances, and health and wellbeing.
The Site

DirectGov provides information about jobs, training, careers, and voluntary work in the UK:

A simple wages calculator tool displaying a list of already calculated net salary after tax for each possible salary level in the UK.

Net Salary Calculator

Gumtree is a great web site to find out about shared accommodation, temporary jobs, local events, and language swaps:

Top Language Jobs specialises in jobs in a language environment. You can also upload your CV so that employers can search for you:
Top Language Jobs

Here are some of the UK’s biggest job search engines. You can also upload your CV so that employers can search for you:
Total Jobs


Working holidays and gap years

Search for gap year jobs in the UK:
Gap Year Jobs

Search for a summer job in the UK:
Summer Jobs


Work for 16 - 18 year olds

The Advice Guide website gives you a lot of useful information and guidelines on work for young people. You can find out about general rules on employment, hours of work and rest breaks, minimum pay and much more.
Please visit Advice Guide for more information.


Information for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland



The Young Scot website contains lots of useful information and links on beginning work, various forms of employment, training and careers.
Young Scot InfoLine – Careers/Training/Work

Online seminar for students intending to work in Scotland.  Includes a downloadable copy of ‘Working in Scotland – a guide for international students’.
AGCAS Scotland

Information on living and working in Scotland.  Each topic also has a range of links to other sites for additional information.
Talent Scotland



Careers Wales offers free bilingual, impartial careers information, advice and guidance  for all ages, linking education and  businesses

Careers Wales

GO Wales offers a range of services proven to help students, graduates and businesses in Wales including: work placements, work experience, funding for training and an online database of jobs in Wales.

GO Wales


Northern Ireland

The Department for Employment and Learning published a brief guide for anyone living abroad and considering a move to Northern Ireland.

Department for Employment and Learning