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Exercise for free!

Who said exercise had to be done at the gym?

The Department of Health recommend 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity to keep the nation healthy anf fit. If more people engage in this, it can reduce chronic illnesses and preventable diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.


How can you excercise for free? Excercising does not have to mean the gym! Try walking, running, cycling or playing a sport in your local neighbourhood, park or even your back garden!

The NHS have suggestions on how you could keep fit and healthy without spending money. You could try:

  • Running and Jogging outside: This doesn't mean you have to train to run a marathon, but you could try interval training by running for a few minutes, or to the next lampost and then alternating this with jogging. This way you can keep your heart rate high


  • Cycling: Trips under a mile can easily be cycled to. Try popping to the shops or to your friend's house on your bike. It will help reduce costs of driving teh car unneccesarily.


  • Dancing: Put on your favourite CD and dance! You can even do this alone.


Raining? You can also excercise at home with minimal equipment or with things around your home! Check out the NHS Choice's website for tips and guidance.