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Out of school learning

Youthpass and Non-formal Learning

Youthpass is part of the European Commission’s strategy to foster the recognition of non-formal learning.

Youthpass is part of the European Commission’s strategy to foster the recognition of non-formal learning. As a tool to visualise and to validate learning outcomes gained in “Youth in Action” projects, it puts policy into practice and practice into policy:

  • Creating their Youthpass Certificate together with a support person, participants of “Youth in Action” projects have the possibility to describe what they have done in their project and which competences they have acquired. Thus, Youthpass supports the reflection upon the personal non-formal learning process.
  • Documenting the added value of a “Youth in Action” project, Youthpass visualises and supports active European citizenship of young people and youth workers.
  • Being a Europe-wide validation instrument for non-formal learning in the youth field, Youthpass contributes to strengthening the social recognition of youth work.
  • Making visible and validating key competences through a certificate, Youthpass finally aims at supporting the employability of young people and youth workers.

Youthpass Certificates are currently available for projects approved under the following Actions of the “Youth in Action” programme:

  • Action 1.1- Youth Exchanges
  • Action 1.2 - Youth Initiatives
  • Action 2.1- European Voluntary Service
  • Action 3.1 - Youth in the World (Youth Exchanges and Training and Networking Activities)
  • Action 4.3 - Training and Networking
  • Action 4.6 - all activities mentioned above

All the participants of a project approved within one of these Actions from 2007 onwards are personally entitled to receive a Youthpass Certificate – and thus recognition for their non-formal learning outcomes.