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Working in Turkish Universities

You have some free time and you're looking for something to do? Maybe to earn some extra money along the way? Why not try something like working in your university international office or library?


According to the Law No.2457 article 46, Turkish universities can hire university students for part-time jobs for the university emploee. Student would prefer working in their university's European Union Offices, International Offices, Library, IT Departments or organizing campus tours during summer season. For further information, students can visit their university's websites. All universities have different applicatin procedures and the application process starts in the mid of September every year. There are some priorities for students as;

  • Being a Turkish citizen(as foreign students couldn't apply for part-time jobs in university)
  • Having information and ability about related jobs
  • Signing a contract between student and university
  • Haven't got any disciplinary punishment
  • Being a succesful student and continue to its studies during the part-time work


For detailed information here are the links of some universities;


Published: Sun, 02/06/2013 - 17:14

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