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Do you know Turkish National Agency ?

A window open to the world ...




Rapidly changing world,

And, Turkey who is trying to capture this change ...

Turkey cultivates a new youth for about 10 years; a youth that grows out of the examination  system ...

On the one hand there is a youth that is trying to shape its life with exams , on the other hand there is  one that is playing an active role by  mobilizing the power of thought...

In this process of change ,one of the most important actor institution is undoubtedly Center for EU Education and Youth Programmes

( With a short name : Turkish National Agency )

National Agency is a different institution,

An institution as a reflection of  the officers profile that wanted to be modified in Turkey ...

When i first met with the institution the year was 2003 ,

You know , you meet with a person one day,

You participate in a meeting,

You pass through a place and your life begins to change at that moment,

National Agency  is  the name for many life-changing beautiful structures...

Maybe, it is the name of postures that pave the way for individuals who are playing an active role in the life today...

National Agency coach people from all over Turkey to the different places in the world ,

And people of the world to Turkey...

This provides raises in the number of individuals who has captured the perspective of the world...

National Agency was and continues to be the leader to the profile of the youth which is trying to catch the changing world;

National Agency holds many programmes and because of having a solid foundation today still continues to affect many people’s lives...

The youth with dreams ; the roof  which help to reach up that dreams ,

I would like to be in EVS for 12 months in a European country,

I would like to take part in exchange programmes with my friends during 6-21 days and come together with people from different countries,

We want to discuss about the concept of democracy with foreigner people ,

We want to host people from all around the world ,

We want to start a change in the local level,

For young people who say such sentences , National Agency includes many unique opportunities...

You know, sometimes you seek for a occasion in your life ,

You ask yourself a question  ‘’what should i do ?’’ ,

And , you start to complain ‘’ why there is no opportunities?!’’

Here comes National Agency at that moment , which is the name of a coincidence for helping you to change your life...

Today in Turkey, producing practical solutions,

Which can be approached from different perspectives,

National Agency is an important actor that provide support in order to have increasing number of the young people who say that ‘’ i want to change something’’,

In Turkey where there is a huge youth potential as much as 15 millions , National Agency is organizing more  trainings and briefings in order to reach more young people...

For those who say ‘’I want to change my life’’; opportunities are available from the address ,

You may try to change your life,

You can ask your questions to people who make effort for you to have more sincerity and beliefs...


Published: Wed, 24/09/2014 - 14:31

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