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Turkish Society

Turkish society is very open to innovations and they are very proud of their hospitability, tolerance and respect to everybody.

Turkish society which has been a combination of many other cultures of Anatolia since the beginning of the History has different characteristics, understanding, and lifestyles. As it is known some cultural heritages and values have great effects on societies. When it comes to Turkey, it is very usual to see different perceptions in different parts of Turkey. For instance, in the east part of Turkey people are more conservative than people living in west part of Turkey.  Unlike the east part, west of Turkey is more European. However, there are some main values that never change in any part of Turkey such as hospitality, respect, and tolerance. These values are acquired at the very early ages in the families.


Turkey has the second biggest population of Europe. It comes with some advantages and also some disadvantages as well. Diversity and young population can be considered to be some important advantages. Diversity contributes to society in terms of different lifestyles, perceptions and understanding. On the other hand unemployment not having the equal standards are the main results of big population. 


 20% per cent of Turkish society consists of young people aged between 18 and 25. Young people in Turkey are very excited about the innovations in Europe and in the world. They are quite interested in the new technologies and trends. In the last decade, there has been a strong bridge between Europe and Turkey thanks to EU funds. And it is clear to see that this bridge has affected the perceptions and point of view of Turkish young people who are very keen on establishing new friendships.


Because of the 12 year compulsory and intense education, young people don’t have enough time for their social lives. They mostly spend their time for preparing themselves to pass the university entrance exams. Those young people, who have been very far from social and cultural activities, are very eager to participate in EU opportunities. 


To sum up, Turkish society is very open to innovations and they are very proud of their hospitability, tolerance and respect to everybody.


Written by the Eurodesk Turkey Multiplier Aksaray Provincial National Education Directorate Project Coordination Unit.


publicēts: O., 25/02/2014 - 12:21

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