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European Youth Portal

Information and opportunities for young people across Europe.



You're up for Europe!

Presentations and discussions about the EU and the future of Europe. For and with young people and decisionmakers in Stockholm.


 Presentation of the new European Youth Portal.
 Information and inspiration for what you can do as a young person using the EU program Youth in Action! 
 Music, theatre and dance performances by young people.
 Presentation of the competition Why should I care! 
 EU 2014-2020, the next program period. The 2014 elections to the European Parliament.
 Presentation about EVS (European Voluntary Servicet), Youth in Action and Eurodesk
 Internships abroad - 3 young people tell their story
 Movies and an exhibition about youth projects, for example The EYE, RATS and Youth Space.
The event is free and open to the public. Food and drink is served.
Kulturskolan Stockholm Bromma,, Kapplanstrappan, Bromma, Stockholm - Sweden