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Information for organisations who want to get involved in the European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps is a major opportunity for organisations of all types to involve young people in projects related to European solidarity.

Tens of thousands of young people have already registed their interest to take part in solidarity related projects and activities, and participants are now starting to be deployed across Europe on Corps placements after being selected by organisations through the European Solidarity Corps' new Placement Administration and Support System (PASS).

Organisations of all types can get involved with the Corps by applying to join or seeking funding through one or more of the following EU programmes linked to the Corps:

Is your organisation already involved?
If your organisation is already accredited for European Voluntary Service, or is certified for EU Aid Volunteers, or is already involved in one of the other programmes listed above, then go to our page about the Placement Administration and Support System (PASS) for information on how to start searching for and contacting Corps participants for your placements.

The following factsheet on gives more detail how organisations can take part in the European Solidarity Corps through these programmes: