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Zespół Programu Erasmus

Study Abroad with Erasmus

Stypendia dla studentów szkół wyższych na studia częściowe (okres od 3 do 12 miesięcy) na uczelniach zagranicznych.

Erasmus is a programme addressed to higher education students and staff. It supports international cooperation of universities and provides opportunities for studying and undergoing placements abroad. By funding the mobility of HEI staff, it provides universities with many opportunities for participating in projects with foreign partners.


Student Mobility:
As part of this action under the Erasmus programme, grants are awarded to students in order to spend study periods or undergo training at HEIs in countries participating in the programme.


Erasmus grants are awarded to cover the costs related with travel and stay abroad. They are earmarked to cover some of accommodation and board costs and other expenses related with a stay in a foreign country. The grant amounts differ from year to year and may depend on a HEI. In order to obtain information on the amount of monthly grants, you should contact foreign cooperation bureau at your university.



Intensive language courses:
Students benefiting from mobility under Erasmus can apply for participation in an intensive course to learn the language of the country for which s/he is heading. Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) are courses of less frequently used and taught languages of the European Union (EILC courses are not offered in German, English and French). Participation in such courses is free of charge. However, the participants have to pay for accommodation and board and additional expenses during trips forming a part of an accompanying cultural programme. It is also possible to obtain a scholarship for EILS time from your home University. To learn the details, you should contact foreign cooperation bureau at your home university.


Who can participate:
In no order to apply for a grant under Erasmus mobility, you have to be a student (of bachelor, master or doctoral degree studies) of a University which holds Erasmus University Charter and conducts student exchanges (your home faculty must be and active Erasmus participant, which means that it must cooperate with HEIs abroad under the programme).


How to apply:
You can apply for a grant for mobility for study or placement under Erasmus at your home HEI exclusively. HEIs obtain funds for student mobility and are responsible for the recruitment and assessment of candidates. They organise the mobilities and effect grant payments.


In order to obtain detailed information about universities, fields of study, and countries where you can go for mobility, you should contact foreign cooperation bureau at your university or Erasmus coordinator at your faculty.


Length of stay:
Erasmus mobility may last from three months to one academic year. HEIs are obliged to send students for a period, which forms an independent part of a study programme, such as a semester, for which credit can be easily given. Erasmus mobility cannot last longer than one (single) academic year, i.e. grant awarded for a study period starting in a summer semester of one academic year cannot be continued in winter semester of the next academic year.


Dates for commencement of study periods at partner universities mainly dependent on the date when winter and summer semester start, and on individual arrangements between the student, sending and host university.


Participating countries:
- 27 EU member states;
- Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway;
- Turkey;
- Croatia;
- Switzerland.