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The best startups in Poland. Part VI: Do you have a your own business?

An increasing number of people decide to start their own business. Unfortunately, it is a great venture, requiring a lot of work, as well as creativity and a bit of business intuition. But now every company owner can rely on the assistance provided by startups. See if this is worth trying...



How did it start?

Bugilo.pl was established by three graduates from the Faculty of Computer Science of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, who are good friends and owners of several prosperous companies. In 2014, they were nominated for awards in the “Poles with verve” contest for their activity. They are Wojciech Radomski, Paweł Elbanowski and Marcin Szajek. Those talented IT specialists decided that it was time to put an end to disorganisation and difficulties faced by the  management in small enterprises and micro-companies.


How does it work?

Bugilo.pl is a versatile assistant of a private business owner. Thanks to its numerous tools, it can replace stacks of sticky notes and used pens. At a relatively low price (PLN 65 a month for companies employing less than 10 persons and PLN 99 for others), it offers everything you can ask for.


Bugilo allows you to manage the projects currently run by your company, determine their topic and deadline, and classify them into one of three categories: to do, planned for the nearest future or pending. The programme also verifies the profitability of your projects by providing ongoing information about the costs. If the profitability of a given task is at risk, Bugilo will let you know immediately.


The programme also allows you to easily  monitor the work time of your employees. Thanks to detailed statistics, you will know for how many hours an employee worked on a specific project, and how many hours he or she worked last month (which will facilitate the calculation of remuneration). Bugilo also allows you to connect with numerous employees from various departments at the same time to jointly price and specify the details of an offer related to a given order. This considerably shortens the communication pathway in a company.


The website also takes care of the customers’ comfort  by automatically generating invoices for each implemented task. Therefore, the person placing the order does not have to specifically ask for an invoice.

Bugilo was co-financed from the European Union funds under the Innovative Economy programme. The co-financing has significantly contributed to the high quality of services provided.



How did it start?

At the end of September 2014, Grzegorz Majewski, who for 10 years has worked in programming, managing teams of programmers, project management and marketing, set on an ambitious task – to develop a complete and ready-to-implement startup in a month. The idea originated almost a year earlier, but its implementation in such a short time was an enormous challenge. Fortunately, he managed to achieve his goal and the Internet users could use the services of NaKiedy.com already at the beginning of November.


How does it work?

NaKiedy.com is an online reservation system, addressed mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises. The author stresses that he originally had in mind mostly hairdressers, beauticians, physicians, dentists, personal trainers and freelancers, but he hopes that the representatives of other professions will also find his concept interesting.


First of all, the website’s aim is  to make life easier for the customers of service providing companies. Until now they had to spend time talking on the phone to make an appointment or come to a given place in person. Both those forms of contact were not the most convenient ones. NaKiedy.com builds on Western solutions, where such systems have been in use for a long time, to maximally simplify the process of making appointments. Now, all you have to do is to select the service and the convenient date and time. That is all! No additional formalities.


The fact that the website is constantly being developed is the best recommendation for the startup and its creator. A new service sorting system was introduced between April and August 2015. It allows the individual services to be sorted into separate categories, which makes navigation for the customers easier. The reservation page, which can be placed below the internet address of the service provider, has also been modified. Finally, you no longer have to create a separate account to use the website - it is now possible to log on the portal using a Facebook account.  All of these changes facilitate the customers’ access to the website and thus increase their number.


Online reservation is not the only function of NaKiedy.com. The website also presents a detailed calendar of appointments, provides data on each customer, allows to mark holidays and absences of employees in the calendar, generates statistics and reports on activity of the company and automatically sends text messages or emails reminding the customers about their appointments.


NaKiedy.com introduced fees for its services, but this will not be a problem for the majority of companies. Moreover, if you work on your own, you can use the website free of charge. The package for 2-10 employees costs PLN 50 a month, and for a larger number of employees – PLN 100 a month.



How did it start?

Princity.pl originated from the need to tackle a rather urgent problem in most companies, namely the effective management of printers. They are one of the basic work tools which often determine the performance of the entire company. Their failure or a sudden deficit of operating materials can cause lots of problems. The website was created by Ensteam, a company owned by Krzysztof Serwatka and Bartłomiej Dąbroś, who for 8 years have worked in optimization of operations of enterprises.


How does it work?

Princity is a comprehensive tool. It supervises all printing devices of the company. It displays current parameters and details of printed documents on an ongoing basis. It also informs about the use of toners and paper. It can also identify the devices whose use is the most expensive.


When the materials begin to run out, Princity automatically informs the administrator and presents the best offer for the best quality products. If the manager approves the order, the programme will send it immediately to the distributor of the selected products. Then it tracks the order until it is delivered to the company. Using the product code, it indicates the device where the materials should be replaced and generates special stickers for toners which prevent them from getting mixed up .


In the case of failure, the programme notifies the administrator immediately and then collects all available data about the problem. It also provides the service code of the device to facilitate its repair. When the problem is solved, it generates statistics of failures.


The application helps to rationalise the management of printers. It performs detailed settlements for purchases of materials and plans for future purchases  so as to prevent stoppages resulting from the lack of materials. The programme can also detect inactive equipment and determine the reason for its inactivity.


The owners of the website prepared three versions of their offer. The first one, PrincityONE, is intended for small customers who have up to 5 printing devices. It is free of charge. Unfortunately, it does not include service control of printers. The second option, Princity, is addressed to medium-sized companies. It includes all basic features of the application, but requires a small fee, determined separately for each order by the owners of Princity. The third option, PrincityPLUS, is dedicated to the largest customers. It includes all available functions and allows to install the programme on company servers, embed the company’s logo and personalize the look and access to individual tools. The price of this option is not revealed; Princity determines it individually for each customer.


Krzysztof Andrulonis