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The best Polish startups. Part V. Are you looking for a job?

Have you passed the final secondary school examination? Have you graduated from a university? Are you looking for your first dream job? Unfortunately, you are facing a difficult task. Don’t worry – the magic powers of startups will help you!


How did it start?

The main initiator of the project was Karolina Frydrych. The idea of the website originated from the problems she encountered while working on her thesis. She found it virtually impossible to obtain business data from a real company where she worked as a trainee. Therefore, she had to rely on information found online, which resulted in a lower mark for her thesis due to insufficient empirical resources. Karolina decided that she did not want subsequent generations of students to go through what she had been through and wanted to make a change. She took part in the recruitment for the fifth workshop of STARTUP SCHOOL in 2014, and, along with two friends: Anna Opuszyńska and Gabriela Dunowska, she established a website Praktycy.pl.


How does it work?

Praktycy.pl is a simple, but very effective solution. It associates companies that want to host trainees and students who are preparing to work on their theses and are interested in  such trainee positions, as well as facilities contact between them . This form of cooperation brings only benefits.


Let us first take a look from the perspective of a potential trainee. Remuneration is usually of secondary importance. Empirical data on the activity of the company, which the trainee can use in his graduation thesis, are a sufficient reward. The main task of the trainee in the new workplace will be to perform a thorough analysis of the resources received. This is not a problem for the trainees, since they will have to present almost identical, simulation calculations to their thesis reviewers and supervisors later. We may say that the trainee will kill two birds with one stone. If the trainee presents excellent skills and education, which are appreciated by the company he or she works for,  the company may be willing to employ him or her full-time in future.


What are the benefits of this cooperation for the employer? First of all, a reliable, thorough and detailed analysis of the company’s performance, supported by research and extensive knowledge, performed free of charge or for a small fee. The employer has an opportunity to train and find valuable employees  for the future. The employer also increases its recognisability among students, which may results in a surge of interest, and builds a positive image of a businessman who is not afraid to trust young employees and give them a chance for development.


The website has not been launched yet, and is in the process of finding companies willing to cooperate. However, it is worth registering now to increase one’s chances for an attractive traineeship. The registration window is on the main page of Praktycy.pl



How did it start?

The project was created by the Student Activation Society “Go Do It” that provied assistance to young people who are in need and involves them in public life. The activists of the Society know very well how difficult it is to pass through the initial recruitment stage. Hundreds of paper CVs are submitted for each position, most of which never get into the hands of the recruiter. Thus the idea to add some novelty to this routine.


How does it work?

Video2Career.pl offers a unique opportunity to record and publish your VideoCV online. All you have to do is to register on the website, add your film presentation and fill in the data on your profile to enable potential employers to contact you without any difficulties. It is also worth creating a system of tags around your film to indicate the sectors you are interested in. Then you only need to wait to hear the wanted message  down your phone: “We have an interesting job offer for you...”


If you do not have patience, you can also browse the job offers published on the website. If any of them attracts your attention, you can contact its author at any time and send him/her your VideoCV. It is worth trying, since not every employer is ready to contact a job seeker and go against  the existing hierarchy.


Krzysztof Andrulonis