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The best startups in Poland. Part IV: Community

We live in a world full of people. We pass by hundreds of faces, some of which we know, others being perfect strangers. On-line contacts also count. Of course, the most popular form of contact is the activity in social media, but startup creators came up with more creative ways for starting new relationships.



How did it start?

Three young people came up with this idea. They concluded that traditional conversations where you know the interlocutor are obsolete. They called their idea a ‘chatroulette’. What is it?


How does it work?

The rules are simple. Simply go to the main page and click the “Talk to a stranger” button. The website connects you with a randomly selected person who is on-line. A chat starts. We know absolutely nothing about the person whom the system chose for us. Yet it turns out it is not a problem to establish a thread of understanding. Sometimes discussions go on for several hours and lead to real bonds. Of course there are some impolite users, but this is unavoidable . Impolite people can be red flagged. It is a signal for the administrator to pay particular attention to a given profile or block the person immediately.


Today, the website has up to several thousand on-line users visiting at the same time. It is most popular in the evening and at night. Almost everyone can use it: adults and children over 13, with the consent of their parents.



How did it start?

Pastylka.pl was created during the second edition of the STARTUP SCHOOL, in 2010. It was founded by Adriana Pawłowska and Ewa Choduń who create websites on commission. They learned about the STARTUP SCHOOL during a speech delivered by Rafał Agnieszczak in Gdańsk during InfoShare: a technology, new media, and startup festival. They decided to make use of the opportunity. Initially they thought about a project devoted to short stories and books, but their plans changed...


How does it work?

Pastylka.pl is a website devoted to health conditions with the capacity to become a comprehensive source of information about them. As emphasised by the authors, the content must be approached with moderation and caution, and it should absolutely not replace doctor’s appointments. The content is planned to constitute a collection of good advice and recommendations on how to prevent certain conditions, how to diagnose them, and when to start specialised treatment.


The website consists of many elements, such as educational films, scientific articles, and tests to provisionally diagnose a condition on the basis of questions about the person’sphysical and mental state. There is also an extensive forum comprising both amateurs and medical practitioners. The forum is divided into many subjects and threads, which aid quick navigation. An extensive database of health care centres with various specialisations has been prepared. Each item has been marked on a map with a short description and contact details.


Content classification on the website depends primarily on diseases. Selecting an interesting item from the list, we receive a set of all information concerning the disease available from the website’s resources. This way, it is not necessary to browse through hundreds of articles to find the one with information we need.


You may wonder why I included this startup in this part of the series. Please notice that this website also creates a community. It is a group of people with common needs and interests. Today in Poland more and more circles, professional and hobby-focused alike, need such comprehensive initiatives. Think whether this might be your chance to develop your own ideas...



How did it start?

Filing.pl was created by Patryk Kleczkowski and Richard Winn: two young people who got sick seeing the plethora of entertainment websites which in practice were all the same and said the same things. They signed up to the fourth edition of the STARTUP SCHOOL, held during  the 2013 summer holidays, and decided it was time for a change!


How does it work?

Filing.pl is a place where you can rinse off all the negative emotions and frustrations you have experienced during the day. Interesting and relaxing topics, many photos, numerous interesting facts, spiced up with the unique  sense of humour of the website authors: this combination suits almost everyone.


Filing.pl is divided into many thematic categories. You can find funny photos that are also food for thought, films depicting everything that shocked the authors, plethora of quizzes that can reveal pretty much anything about you, such as your personality traits , your favourite ice cream flavour, the music you like, and even your favourite Harry Potter character. There are also questions of the “which one do you prefer” kind, where you choose between two answers. The comment area, an undepletable source of good humour, adds a twist to the website (contrary to similar websites, there are no on-line trolls).


The website has been launched only two years ago, but it is already very popular. It is proven, among others, by its Facebook profile that has almost 100,000 likes. It is an interesting alternative for similar commercial propositions..


Krzysztof Andrulonis