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The best startups in Poland. Part III: Day to day life

Many of us find it difficult to run all errands cumulating during the day. Even the most organised people tend to make long to-do lists only to realise they are unable to tick off all of the points . Perhaps this can change thanks to startups...



How did it start?

The startup was conceived by Krzysztof Hrynyszyn who says he is a man who knows absolutely nothing about fashion and finds shopping for clothes a necessary evil. This approach characterises the majority of the male population. He thought it was high time to lighten the load of all those who loathe shopping. He gathered a group of women with an excellent sense of style and started Wearbox.


How does it work?

The principles of Wearbox are as simple as can be . First, you need to sign in and fill in a short questionnaire about your interests and how you would like to look. Based on the data, Wearbox stylists try to arrive at an original set of traits to be reflected by your clothes. Whenever you need new clothes, simply let the Wearbox team know. They will do the shopping for you, trying to match your preferences. Your order will be delivered to your door. You only need to choose which items you like. You can return the clothes you do not like to the sender. The costs of delivery and return are covered by Wearbox, customers only pay for the clothes they decide to keep.


The project is currently in the development stage. Wearbox is now looking for fashion experts and more shopping-haters  to improve its final product.



How did it start?

This startup follows the idea that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. It has been set up by Alicja Majcherkiewicz, who is just starting her adventure with professional veterinary medicine, and Piotr Hyrczak, a programmer focusing primarily on mobile applications. They noticed that pet owners have no source of comprehensive information on veterinary clinics, pet shops, animal hotels, etc. They decided to cater to this need by setting up DlaZwierzaka.com.


How does it work?

DlaZwierzaka.com provides all information on places that can be of interest to current and prospective pet owners . Service providers registered on the website are divided into six main categories (Health and Nurturing, Services, Leisure, Shops, Training, Care) and numerous subcategories. To use the website, all you have to do is choose the category you are interested in and state your location. Having confirmed your data, you can access a list of places in the chosen category. You can also read customer opinions. If you enable location tracking on your devide, , a suggested route will be displayed on the map.


The authors are eager to talk about new functionalities: “Soon new options will be available, such as booking visits on-line, adding pets to people’s profiles or setting up medical record books”. Work on the website started in autumn of 2014. It was launched at the beginning of 2015. Of course it does not cover many companies and institutions for animals, and many of those registered have no description or opinions, but this is expected to change in the next few months.


The startup founders did not just create a website. They also came up with a mobile app thanks to which all smartphone owners are able to obtain information on all nearby pet services. The app can be found at: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.



How did it start?

The project results from the  work of four talented IT specialists from Krakow. They often faced a problem where to go for a quick and tasty lunch that would not ruin them financially. Usually their choice was based solely on intuition . They noticed that tens of thousands people faced the same problem every day. They immediately decided that this was  a large market niche needing to be addressed.


How does it work?

The website development started in September 2013. At first they cooperated with only four restaurants, now there are 71 of them. The restaurants are located all over Krakow. To use the website, it is enough to state your location (exact address). After a moment, a list of diners within a radius of up to 1 km, or those that provide delivery services, is displayed. Each diner has a permanent menu available any time of the day. Some of them offer short-term promotions or meals of the day. All that is left to do is to make your choice and order the food  or take a short walk to the restaurant.


This solution is intended primarily for office workers who have a lunch break at noon. However, the website can also be used by anyone who does not want tocook at home. According to the authors  the website has 500-600 users a day.


Apart from seeking out interesting catering offers, the website also provides the possibility  to makegroup orders. Click the “Collect orders” options and send the link to your friends with whom you would like to have lunch. Based on their replies, the website generates the order list in an Excel file. The order can then be placed over the phone.


At present DaniaDnia.pl covers Krakow only, but the authors declare that in three years  the website will cover all major cities in Poland. They plan that in ten years the project could expand across borders, but for now, this is only a proposal.



How did it start?

The idea behind GoodContent.pl was created by Bartłomiej Tokarski, student of the Warsaw School of Economics and an expert in content marketing, a system for product advertising using reliable content that provides a detailed description of the industry and the company it comes from. Partly thanks to his specialisation, Bartłomiej noticed that the internet market lacks independent copywriters with relevant education. He decided to solve this problem.


How does it work?

GoodContent.pl is based on many principles used by other copywriting websites, but it also introduces very interesting innovations. The most important innovation is the approach of website administrators to contacts between text authors and customers: they do not treat copywriters as contractors and they do not assign tasks.


Another advantage is that the customer makes the choice. Having stated the type of text, subject, and planned budget, the customer can choose any submitted offer and hire its author for the job. Competitors in this field usually do not allow the user to choose the person who would draft the text. Jobs are distributed automatically, frequently to copywriters with little or no knowledge of the subject. Thus, a copywriter must put in much more effort to satisfy the customer. GoodContent.pl avoids these mistakes and gains a visible advantage over similar initiatives.


When a copywriter delivers a job, it is time to approve it. The customer receives a text sample from the author, on the basis of which its current form can be approved or corrections requested. If the content is absolutely unacceptable, the contract can be broken. When it comes to payment, it is transferred to the copywriter from the deposit placed by the customer earlier on. And it is time to move onto  another job.


Krzysztof Andrulonis

Publicado: Mar, 08/12/2015 - 16:21

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