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Researchers' Night 2013

Researchers' Night 2013
Spend some time having fun learning on a Friday night out with the Researcher's Night! This mega event is taking place in about 300 cities all over Europe.

Whether you are with your family, school, friends or on your own, you can explore science in new fun ways, through behind-the-scenes guided tours of research labs that are normally closed to the public, interactive science shows, amazing live experiments and workshops. You just need to find an event near you now!


Some clues:

In Poland break a world record with the loudest collective scream.

In Portugal help the police solve a 'murder' mystery on a crime scene.

In the United Kingdom recreate cave paintings of prehistoric origin. 

In Italy take a journey to the past and explore how much the Earth's climate has changed.

In Croatia learn how to use a smoke launcher to fire giant shapes and vortex smoke rings.

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