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Traineeships in the European Parliament

Dreaming of becoming a Member of the European Parliament for your country? Start now by applying for a paid traineeship and getting an insight into how the Parliament works. You can choose between a journalism or a general option.

The paid Robert Schuman traineeships are open to university graduates only. The aim is to enable you to complement knowledge acquired during your studies and familiarise yourself with the European Parliament.


How to apply

For the general option you must prove that you have produced a substantial written paper, as part of the requirements for a university degree or for a scientific journal.

For the journalism option, you must also show evidence of professional experience or qualification in journalism.

If you meet these conditions, you can complete the online application form. You can only submit one application for one traineeship option.



Paid traineeships last 5 months and start on 1 March and 1 October each year.

You can apply:

  • for the March session from 15 August to 15 October of the previous year
  • for the October session from 15 March to 15 May of the same year.


If you are selected

There are several documents you must provide once you are selected:

  • a copy of your passport or identity card
  • a copy of your university degree(s)
  • a letter from a professional person who is able to give an objective assessment of your aptitudes
  • for general option candidates – proof of written work (attestation, cover page, diploma, etc.)
  • for journalism option candidates –  publication or membership of an association of journalists in an EU country or a diploma in journalism recognised in an EU member or applicant countries.