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EU Youth Conference 2013 in Dublin

Around 150 youth representatives and Ministry officials from the 27 Member States defined the 21 conclusions of the Social Dialogue cycle on Social Inclusion.

The Irish EU Youth Conference, the first during the Trio Presidencies of Ireland, Lithuania and Greece, took place from 11 to 13 March 2013 in Dublin, Ireland. Besides young people engaged in youth services, experts working in the youth field also gave their input at the event.


During joint workshop sessions the 21 conclusions of the Social Dialogue process were defined under seven thematic areas - employment, education, participation, access to welfare, support, youth organisations and quality. These conclusions:

  • will inform a Council Resolution on Social Inclusion at the end of the 18 month cycle;
  • will  inform Council Conclusions on the contribution of quality youth work to the development, well‐being and social inclusion of young people proposed by the Irish Presidency to the Council of Youth Ministers;
  • will contribute to the development of a Council Resolution on Social Inclusion to be proposed during the Greek Presidency;
  • have informed the second phase of the Structured Dialogue process under the Lithuanian Presidency.