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Youth in Action Award Winners
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Youth in Action Awards

During the European Youth Week three outstanding Youth in Action projects were presented with awards. Find out more about each one of them!

Out of the 36 projects showcased during the European Youth Week the winners were chosen in three categories.


Youth Exchanges



"The Youth Ambassadors Summer Institute 2012", from Belgium, united participants from Belgium, Greece, Luxemburg, Poland, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Moldova for one week in Brussels. The project’s goal was to improve the intercultural skills and strengthen the understanding the European Union, politics, diplomacy, new media and their influence.

It was organised by the Belgian promoter Ryckevelde.


European Voluntary Service




The European Voluntary Service project "EVS for refugees" took place from 1 October 2010 to 30 June 2011 in Podlaskie in Poland. It was coordinated by the Polish Foundation of Education and Creativity and involved four volunteers from Spain, France, Italy and Latvia. The project organised activities for children and teenagers living in a refugee centre with the aim of supporting the integration of refugee families.


Training and Networking Opportunities




"Comics against violence" targeted youth workers and took place from 18 to 26 June 2011 in Lorca, Spain. It was organised by the Spanish promoter Cazalla-Intercultural and involved 18 participants from Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia. The aim of the project was to combat gender violence with comics that can be used to raise awareness about gender violence.


Watch the video of the Award Ceremony!



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