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Cultural Diversity training with SALTO

Cultural diversity resources with SALTO

With all the different backgrounds, traditions and languages across Europe, there is also a diversity of cultures. SALTO Cultural Diversity offers you resources, information and training courses on cultural diversity issues.

SALTO Cultural Diversity gives you tools, methods, materials, and links relating to training, learning, and resources in several cultural diversity topics. Such as:


  • Cultural Diversity in Youth projects allowing youth leaders, youth workers, and NA staff to explore the field of Cultural Diversity in relation to working with young people


  • Roma, who remain one of the most disadvantaged minority groups in Europe and face the highest rates of unemployment, the lowest levels of education, widespread poverty, and social exclusion.


  • Intercultural competence, a useful skill for life and work.


  • Intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, aiming at an open and respectful exchange of views between individuals and groups with different ethnic, cultural, religious, and linguistic backgrounds and heritage


  • Inclusion of cultural minorities, it is very enriching if majority and minority groups can share and discover each other's culture on an equal basis.


You can also find support to develop your own cultural diversity projects and training. Check out upcoming Cultural Diversity Activities and get to work!


What is it?

SALTO stands for Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities. It is a network of eight Resource Centres working on European priority areas within the youth field, supporting the European Commission's programme Youth in Action. SALTO Cultural Diversity is one of these centres.