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Estonia EU Council Presidency

For the first time in EU history Estonia is holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union


The Estonian Presidency will focus on the future of young people and the youth field in the EU. These are the three priority youth-related focus:- Future of young people and the youth field in the EU. Discussions have started on the next EU Youth Strategy for the post-2018 period.  The Presidency aims to focus on the involvement of young people into the development of the next EU Youth Strategy in the frame of the 6th Cycle of the Structured Dialogue, titled: “Youth in Europe: what’s next?”


- Smart youth work, directly linked to the focus on digital solutions. The Presidency aims to introduce the term and the concept of smart youth work at European level and draw up Council Conclusions on smart youth work.


Youth volunteering, one of the cornerstones of the European youth field.  The Presidency acknowledges the high political priority of the European Solidarity Corps and is fully committed to take this file further during the Estonian Presidency.


Find out more about the Priorities of the Presidency.