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Photo Exhibition “Magic moments"

birthday cake for celebrating 25 years of EU youth programmes
© Österreichische Agentur "Jugend in Aktion" / KOMO Wien
Stunning pictures taken at youth projects and activities funded by the EU are displayed in this poster exhibition that’s going to go on tour in Austria.

The one participant, who has not missed one single EU youth project, is the photo camera. The camera saves and documents all the beautiful and funny moments – the newly meet friends, the leisure time activities, the laughing and singing at the camp side, the challenges and discussions in workshops, the beautiful sights at the excursions,... In these pictures all the beautiful memories are captured for eternity. Some of the most stunning and most inspiring photos, taken by participants and beneficiaries, are now displayed in a poster exhibition – telling a story of friendship, travelling, adventure, solidarity and peace found in EU youth projects.

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