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61st Austrian Youth Speech Competition – Debating Europe

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© Österreichische Agentur "Jugend in Aktion" / KOMO Wien
The 100 Finalists of the 61st Austrian Youth Speech Competition debate the question of direct democracy in Europe. As a framework of this session the rules of "competitive debating" are used.

Every year thousands of young people (aged between 15 to 25 years) take part in the Austrian Youth Speech Competition. After preliminaries first in schools and then on the level of the nine federal states the 100 most silver-tongued youngsters come together for the grand finals.

As a side event to the competitions this year's European Youth Week is motivation for an additional session of competitive debating. Based on the intentions of the Structured Dialog the question of direct democracy in Europe will be raised and discussed. The panel is supported by Austrian Members of the European Parliament.

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BMWFJ, Abteilung II/5 - Jugend


Franz-Josefs-Kai 51, 1010 Vienna, Vienna - Austria

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0043 1 71 100 3231


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