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Upplýsingar og tækifæri fyrir ungt fólk vítt og breitt í Evrópu.

birthday cake for celebrating 25 years of EU youth programmes
© Österreichische Agentur "Jugend in Aktion" / KOMO Wien

Europa im Fokus – Photo exhibition "Blickwinkel“

The exhibition “Blickwinkel” (perspectives) displays photos taken by current European Volunteers in Vorarlberg, Liechtenstein and Ravensburg (Germany). The pictures show views and perspectives on their host city/country.

What does Renate from Lativa like best about the seasons in Vorarlberg? Why is Maria from Finland staggered by the newspaper rack? And: Why has Nicolas from France difficulties to get used to the shop opening hours in Vorarlberg?

At the photo exhibition "Blickwinkel“ EVS volunteers from various European countries present their views on Vorarlberg and what they associate as characteristic for their host country.

At the exhibition, visitors also get more information about studying, travelling and working abroad.

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