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Adventure European Voluntary Service – Meet the EVS team Styria

Have you met XX from YY or XXX from YYY? Talk to young EVS volunteers from various European countries. Get to know more about their home countries, their life as European Volunteers and how you can take part in such an adventure.

Have you ever heard of the fabulous adventure called "European Voluntary Service“? You haven’t? Then it’s time to meet the EVS volunteers, who are currently living and working in Styria, and get to know more about their adventure, their home countries and the experiences they’ve made so far in Austria. Get inspired and find the courage to do a European Voluntary Service by yourself!

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0043 316 90 370 225


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Karmeliterplatz 2, 8010 Graz, Styria - Austria

Strona internetowa:

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0043 316 90 370 225


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