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The European Solidarity Corps

What's the difference between the European Solidarity Corps & the European Voluntary Service?

Article submitted by Eurodesk Uk Ambassador IVS GB


Launched last December, the European Solidarity Corps is a new initiative from the European Union initially designed to act as a crisis-response volunteering programme for young people in Europe. The European Solidarity Corps is for 18-30 year olds who are residents of one of the European Union member states, with some exceptions. It has been developed into an initiative to support communities and people in need by offering young people volunteering and solidarity-related jobs, traineeships and apprenticeships, around Europe.


European Solidarity Corps & European Voluntary Service (EVS) - what's the difference?

Also funded by the EU Commission, the European Voluntary Service offers voluntary placements for EU residents aged between 17 and 30. Both programmes aim to provide valuable development for young people by supporting local communities. However, the European Solidarity Corps builds on the EVS programme offering both volunteering and occupational roles. Therefore, unlike EVS, some of the roles are paid and contracted requiring the young people to learn budget with their wages.


What's Next?

If the European Solidarity Corps programme sounds like something for you, here's what you need to do to sign up! Visit the official website and register to join the corps by making an account. You will then be asked some questions regarding the areas of support you are interested in, and what experience you have to offer. Once you have completed the first stage, you must then add your personal profile to help organisations in their selection process. After you have done this, you are all set and the next step is to wait for the right project for you to come your way. Good luck!

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