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Multicultural Urban Solutions Training Course (MUST)

Training course aiming at developing youth worker's skills in managing diversity in youth work in (sub)urban areas. TC is continuation of the Urban Solutions Seminar, that took place in Birmingham in May 2012.


Aims of the training course:


- to reflect, discus and learn more about challenges in youth work in urban areas connected with multiculturalism

- to analyse the role of youth work in inclusion of young people living in the (sub)urban areas into YiA activities
- to gain/develop new knowledge and skills in managing diversity in youth work in (sub)urban areas
- to find practical ideas and tools how to prevent discrimination.


Participants will exchange their experience and share good practice. Short study visits in local organizations are also foreseen. Social media will be used: live blog, pictures, audio, video, etc. to link with outside world.

Warsaw - Polen