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23/05/2013 18:00 to 28/05/2013 10:00

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Value the Difference: Diversity and Citizenship

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Nicosia - Küpros

This training course will allow participants to reflect, explore and learn more about the field of Cultural Diversity in European youth work, with a special focus on Diversity and how this relates to ideas about Citizenship.

The objectives of this training course are:

•To reflect critically about personal and cultural identity
•To gain a greater understanding of cultural diversity in different local and national realities
•To develop intercultural skills and competences related to working with topic of citizenship
•To gain a greater understanding of cultural diversity and how this relates to ideas around citizenship
•To explore ways in which participants can generate (foster/create etc) a more tolerant society
•To better understand concepts which related to of the themes/topics of Cultural Diversity (stereotyping, prejudice, manipulation of culture etc)
•To get inspired to carry out future international youth projects through YiA programme and other resource possibilities