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Vocational training for employment

Improve your professional skills

Vocational training for employment (FPE) is a training supported with Public funds to improve the professional qualification and the employability through the learning of different professional expertise. It favours the professional development, improves the people's employment and enhances the productivity of the workforce.


FPE is not: informational or dissemination training actions not concerned with to develop a capacity building process, such as fairs, conferences, conventions, seminars, symposiums

FPE targets both employed as well as unemployed people

There are a wide variety of this training and In some cases may be requirements or priority criteria to access. This will all depend on the cours and the institution providing.

Training actions can be structured around various training modules with objectives, contents and duration owns.

The duration of the courses varies as a function of the course and under attendance, semi-attendance and online.

The qualifications which are obtained at the end is a certificate issued by the training center, in some cases this certificate can be official (certified by the public authorities).

There are training actions aimed to obtaining the professional certificates.

The professional certificates are organized by training modules (subjects) in order to favor the umulable partial accreditation of the received training and provide students to improve their working life whatever their laboral situation at that time. These certificates are official oficial certificates


Furthermore, you can build up your Supplement Europass At the end of the professional certificate training.


Europass is a dossier of documents that help citizens to demonstrate their personal skills and qualifications acquired throughout his or her lifetime which is a means of presenting, in a simple and easy-to-understand way in Europe (EU, AELC/EEE and candidate countries).


The search for information about FPE you may do through the Public State Employment Service the electronic site of SEPE (https://sede.sepe.gob.es).


Here, you can find more information: portales de FPE de las Comunidades Autónomas




Sources and texts: www.educaweb.com



Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Albacete

Pubblicato: mar, 11/10/2016 - 10:18

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