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EU Youth Conference 2012 in Denmark

Get a glimpse of what happened during the second phase of the Structured Dialogue cycle on "Youth Participation in Democratic Life in Europe" that was concluded at the EU Youth Conference hosted by the Danish presidency of the EU.

From 18 to 21 March 2012, representatives from various youth organisations and government officials from EU countries, EU candidate countries and others got together in Sorø, Denmark, to discuss young people’s active participation in society and the transition to employment.


Over 3 days, the participants focused on how to promote creativity and skills in young people, through workshops with themes such as motivation, support mechanisms, innovation and the media.


Workshop A: Youth Participation and Elections


Workshop B: Voting Age


Workshop C: Paper towels, a segway and a fish


Workshop D: The New Program in the Education and Youth Field


Workshop E: Support Mechanisms and Participation


Workshop F: Final Media and Participation


Workshop G: Youth Participation and Innovation