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Европейски младежки портал

Информация и възможности за млади хора в Европа



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© shutterstock.com

European Youth Week in Namsos

The Youth House Lagre invites young people to participate in a video workshop to document 10 years of participation in the EU Youth programmes. The films will be presented at Lagre and during an outdoors rock concert in Namsos.

The workshop will take place on Monday , Tuesday and Thursday and will give young people the opportunity to work with a professional instructor to edit films on different Youth projects at Lagre, including a film about the present EVS volunteer.


The films will be viewed for the first time on Friday 31st at Lagre.


Saturday 1st of June there will be an outdoors rock concert in Namsos, and the films will be showed there as well. Information material on the Youth in Action programme will be distributed during the concert.






Lagre and Doktorgården Youth Centres, Namsos Youth Council, Namsos, Nord-Trøndelag - Норвегия