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27/05/2013 15:00 to 31/05/2013 21:30

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Youth focus on politics and european cooperation

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Ungdomsklubben Cornerstone, Råholt/Eidsvoll, Akershus - Nórsko

Participation and involvement for youth will be the main theme for the Youth Week activities at Råholt. Youth in Action projects and other local youth activities will be showcased and the politicians are invited to a debate.

Photo: Richard Eriksen/Aktiv Ungdom

Photo: Richard Eriksen/Aktiv Ungdom

Youth will present the results of various Youth in Action projects and local integration activities for immigrants through song, rap, dance and films that young people have made ​​with other young people from different ethnic backgrounds. Young journalists from the youth newspaper will make video interviews with the various politicians running for the general election in September. The activities will take place during the whole Youth Week and are organised by, the youth choir Vivace, the youth group Pitstop and Cornerstone youth house at Råholt.


Friday 31st of May at 20.00 at the youth club Cornerstone a dance group, the choir Vivace and the youth newspaper show the results of their activities during the week, and also host a political debate led by the youth newspaper.



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Råholt/Eidsvoll, Akershus - Nórsko

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