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There are different ways of getting your ideas across, such as voting or Structured Dialogue. But if it’s not election time or if your issue is not exactly related to politics, there are other ways you can be heard.

From policy issues, youth-related subjects, society, health or human rights. On the spot or without leaving your room. Just take a look at all these places where your voice can be heard.


Your Voice in Europe allows you to contribute to the European Commission's policy-making process by giving your input to consultations, discussions and other channels. The Commission wants to listen to your ideas, face up to your criticism, and learn from your experience.


Citizens’ Agora aims to be a link between you and the European Parliament. It works as an opportunity for you to take part in the discussions on the Parliament’s legislative agenda. The Agora can come up with concrete policies based on everyday experience.


UNESCO Youth Forum brings together young delegates from all over the world to exchange views, share experience, reflect and find common concerns and problems.


UNICEF Voices of Youth is the online place for young people to learn more about issues that affect your world. On this platform, young people from around the world can express their views, explore, discuss and take action on global problems.


Global Voices Online works as an international, multilingual community of blogs, photos and podcasts from over 130 countries, to help people around the world access and publish information about their community. You can join in by submitting ideas or becoming an author.


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