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A Day for Parents

In 2012, the UN decided the Global Day of Parents should be celebrated on June 1. So in Europe, apart from the Mother’s, Father’s, and Children’s Day, we celebrate parents regardless of race, religion, nationality and cultural background.

Dad, mom, kids


All over the world, parents are children's primary caregivers and teachers. The UN Convention (Convention on the Rights of the Child) stipulates that every child has the same rights but also refers to the need to respect the rights of others, in particular with regard to respect for their parents. In addition, the Convention states that parents play the most important role in child rearing.


In many societies, traditionally, fathers are moral teachers, educators and breadwinners at the same time. Recent studies have confirmed that the involvement of fathers in children's emotional and practical daily life has a positive impact on children's development.


The parent-child relationship is essential to the healthy development of children. On the other hand, mothers play a critical role in the family; they contribute to creating social cohesion and integration while they not only raise children but also participate in the labor market.


Challenges and threats


More and more families have a problem of domestic violence, and in extreme cases, also withsexual abuse, which causes deep physical and spiritual problems to children. Constant researches have been dealing for examplewith the presence or absence of fathers, which can have an effect on the performance of children in school or even in childhood crime.


If we look women, in developing countries, childbirth is a particular health concern. In least developed countries, women are about 300 times more likely to die from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth than in developed countries. Today, one of the most typical violations of human rights is the violence against women, which is in many cases violence against mothers. Prevention and termination should have to become an important priority for all countries.


Family policy; ends and means


To create a stable society,it is necessary to achieve equality in the family between women and men. To attain this, countries have to develop and expand family-friendly policies and services (for example, creating more nursery), since the ultimate goal is that mothers and fathers share work, family and child rearing obligations with each other.


“We are Europe”- video contest


When the European Union was created, we became European citizens as well, that’s why migration, working and studying in the EU have become more common among families.


The European Commission, on the occasion of this year's European Parliament elections, organized a video contest with the motto “We are Europe. Every day”. Candidates can present in a three-minute short film about what European identity means for them and why they are proud to be Europeans.


The contest ended on March 10, after which the jury, taking into account the results of the online voting and the number of likes and shares, awarded the first three places.


The winning video tells the story of a girl from Brussels, in which the EU has played a particularly important role. She took part in the Erasmus program in Denmark, did internship in the European Parliament, and nowadays, she is also a parent with her Spanish husband. "We have two beautiful kids, who are a bit Spanish and a bit Belgians as well." - The video ends with these words.


We are Europe- Every Day- Once upon a time my life in Europe

In the second prize-winning video, a seven year old boy tells how his German mother met his Spanish father. “Mama always says that she went to Germany in order to study… but I am sure that she really had gone to find daddy". "Grandpa Otto says that mom met dad because some people broke a wall they had in Germany."


We are Europe. Everyday - Puzzle


In the third video, you can see through the point of view of a baby born on Christmas Day 2013 why it is good to belong to EU.


We are Europe. Everyday - My name is Frank


Watch the videos and feel why it is good to be a member of a European family!


Sára Pataki


Videos are from the YouTube Channel of the EU Commission.

Published: Sun, 15/06/2014 - 17:54

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