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Be the guest photographer of the new European Parliament: last topic

European Parliament photo competition
The "On the way to vote - election day" is the last month topic; since February, the European Parliament has invited all talented EU residents, over 18 years old, to join this photo competition featuring a different photo theme each month.

You have until Sunday 25 May at midnight CET to send up to 5 photos on the topic and your application form to the following e-mail address:

The procedure

The May winner will be announced on Friday 6 June; the jury winner for the April topic is Gábor Szellő with his photo on plastic bags.


The ten best photos of each month will be posted on the European Parliament social media pages and the most liked photo will be awarded a public prize. Among those photos, the editorial committee will also pick the winners of each month; one of them will become the jury prize winner.

You can now check out the album with the best photos of the past months and vote by "liking" your favourite one on Facebook or Flickr!


Prize awarded

Both the social media and the final jury winner will be invited in Strasbourg to the first new European Parliament sitting in July 2014, where they will get the chance to create their own photo-reportage of the event.

Happy clicking and happy voting in May!

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