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Vote for your favourite climate stories around the world

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"It is a story of drought in Sub-Saharan Africa, floods in Southeast Asia, extreme weather and regret from the Philippines. It is a story of advancing climate solutions": watch the stories told and vote for your favorite by 28 April 2014.

Youth in 70 countries are calling for climate action with more than 230 documentaries entered in the Action4Climate competition; a trailer was compiled out of some of the incredible entries received from around the world.

You can watch the trailer and vote for your favorite climate story until 28 April 2014.

You can also have a look at "Years of Living Dangerously", the new nine-episode documentary produced by James Cameron, featuring an exceptional cast of world-class journalists and celebrity reporters documenting the impact of climate change worldwide.

Climate change is 100% a people story; so is climate action.

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