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Committee of the Regions, Welcome to Trainees Candidates Video

Study visits at the Committee of the Regions

Each year, the Committee of the Regions provides a limited number of unpaid short-term study visits for young graduates within and outside Europe, offering the opportunity to acquire work experience within its units.

Unpaid short-term study visits last from 1 to 4 months and they are offered to persons whose professional, academic or research activities indicate that they would familiarise with the Committee's practical workings and/or policies.

The nature of the tasks to be fulfilled by trainees depends largely on the unit to which they are assigned; while some units are more political, others are more administrative.

Applicants should:

  • be nationals of a Member State or of a country which is an official candidate for accession;
  • have obtained as the minimum prerequisite the bachelor's degree;
  • have knowledge of at least one of the working languages (English and French);
  • be able to show that they need to deepen their knowledge of the Committee of the Regions for reasons related to professional, academic or research activities.

Applications should be sent by post to the Traineeship Office; please note that there is no fixed deadline for unpaid study periods.