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Relaunching Europe in Coimbra - A brighter future: jobs for all

Relaunching Europe in Coimbra, Portugal
Relaunching Europe is heading to Coimbra for a lively and open debate on the fight against unemployment and how to help people back on the road to work. Join online the discussion and have your say via Facebook or Twitter.

Today, 26 million Europeans are without a job, while millions of others work for a meagre salary. So how do we go from there? Is education the only response? Are we doing enough to support entrepreneurs and citizens with ideas? What will it take to create more jobs?

You are invited to join the debate and share your opinion, on the spot or even online. For organisational purposes, you are kindly asked to register to the event.

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S&D Group in the European Parliament


Auditório Bissaya Barreto, Coimbra - Portugali

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