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Conference on multiple discrimination affecting Roma young people

Roma Youth Action Plan
Are you a young person interested in the topic of multiple discrimination within Roma young people, LGBT and women? Apply until 10 April 2014 midnight CET to participate in the "United for Dignity" conference (Strasbourg, 24-26 June).

This youth event, organised by the Council of Europe, aims to bring together a diversity of youth organisations, Roma and non-Roma, that have in common their work on issues relating to discrimination, and also other profiles of participants, such as researchers and policy makers.

Candidates should apply by using the online application form.

Practical details: 
Accommodation and meals for the conference will be provided and paid by the Council of Europe. Travel costs and visa fees for the seminar will be fully reimbursed according to Council of Europe rules. 
For any questions, you can address Denis Durmis.

Publié: Lun., 10/03/2014 - 12:40

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