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Watch live the final declaration of the New Narrative for Europe

New Narrative for Europe
President Barroso and German Chancellor Merkel will attend the final declaration of the New Narrative, a project run by artists, scientists and intellectuals on exploring common values and symbols and defining a new vision for Europe.

The New Narrative for Europe concept is based on the idea that the post-war theme of 'peace through a common market' needed to be replaced by a new 'version 2.0', in line with a changed world.

In words of President Barroso, '
we need to continue to tell the story of Europe. Like a book it cannot only stay in the first pages, even if the first pages were extremely beautiful. We have to continue our narrative, continue to write the book of the present and of the future. This is why we need a new narrative for Europe.'




Akademie der Künste, Berlin - Tyskland

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