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League of Young Voters

Become an Ambassador of the League of Young Voters!

Are you a group of young people, a youth organisation or an individual who is eager to influence the decisions made by politicians? Become an Ambassador of the League of Young Voters and help them to make young people's voice heard!

Ambassadors will have to be between 16 and 30 years old, interested to be activist and have crazy/genius ideas to share with other young people.

What is the profile of an Ambassador:

  • interest and basic knowledge in (European) politics;
  • good knowledge of English, especially written;
  • experience with and frequent user of social media (especially Facebook);
  • availability to put regular updates on the online platform and social media between the end of February 2014 and the elections on 25th May 2014;
  • already involved in or planning to participate in some of the activities of the local branch of the League of Young Voters.


How can you help as an Ambassador:

  • promote the League of Young Voters in your country: put the logo of the League of Young Voters in your e-mail "signature" and share information on social media;
  • you can use the online platform to tell the European Youth Forum what they want politicians to focus on, and stimulate other young people from your country to do so;
  • vote on, react to, debate the issues posted by other young people and discover what young people from other countries in the EU see as their priority;
  • show yourself and your country to the rest of Europe: participate in events, debates or activities of the local branch of the League of Young Voters.

Getting the message across is vital. If young people don't vote, others will decide what is important for them. You have until 23 February 2014, 23:59 (CET) to apply


The League of Young Voters in Europe is a politically neutral initiative from the European Youth Forum, that aims to amplify young people's concerns and expectations in the run-up to European elections.