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EU Youth Conference

EU Youth Conference in Thessaloniki

From 10 to 12 March 2014 the EU Youth Conference and the meeting of the Directors General for Youth Affairs will bring together around 250 participants to discuss youth policy priorities focused on social inclusion of young people.

What is it about?

The EU Youth Conference and the meeting of the Directors General for Youth Affairs is run in each presidency; it involves delegations from 28 Member States, representatives of the European Youth Forum, representatives of the General Secretariat of the EU Council, in charge of youth matters, representatives of International Youth Organisations, EU candidate countries and the countries of the European Economic area. The Conference is organised under the Greek Presidency of the EU Council.

The EU Youth Conference in Thessaloniki is the ending part of Structured Dialogue cycle with the trio of EU Presidency Countries of Ireland, Lithuania and Greece. The overall theme for this cycle is "Social Inclusion" and each six-month consultation has built upon the results of the previous one.

During the EU Youth Conference

Policy makers and youth representatives will discuss the results and the process of the Structured Dialogue with young people on social inclusion, focusing on youth entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

The outcomes of the EU Youth Conference 

The conclusions of the EU Youth Conference will contribute to the content the EU Council Resolution regarding structured dialogue on social inclusion and they will provide input into the Conclusions on entrepreneurship of young people. 

​​What to find out more?

The EU Youth Conference will take place in Thessaloniki, the European Youth Capital for 2014

We will keep you updated when new information is available.