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Publisert: 10/02/2014 17:08

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Erasmus+ in motion: welcome to the Erasmus village

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Are you a teacher, youth worker or lecturer? Check out this fun cartoon and find out how the Erasmus+ programme can work for you!


Erasmus Village English Final Audio

"Erasmus+ is an opportunity for you and your organisation to reach your full potential". The programme will support over 125000 institutions and organisations to work with peers in other countries in order to innovate and modernise teaching practice and youth work. Together they will help ensure that young people and adults get the skills they need to succeed in today's world. Interested?


How to apply

Start by reading the programme guide to find the action that suits you best. If you need more information on the process, you can always contact your National Agency for further information.


Welcome to Erasmus village and good luck!