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Be the guest photographer of the new European Parliament!

European Parliament photo competition
The European Parliament invites all talented EU residents, over 18 years old, to join this photo competition featuring a different photo theme each month from January to May.

How to take part

The topic for the month of January is "Car and van emissions"; the Car CO2 emissions press release might give you further inspiration. You have until 29 January 2014 at midnight CET to send your photo and application form to the following email address: webcom-flickr@europarl.europa.eu.


The procedure
The January winner will be announced in the first week of February and the photo will be used to illustrate an article on this topic. The ten best photos of each month will be posted on the EP social media pages and the most liked photo will be awarded a public prize. Among those photos, the editorial committee will also pick the winners of each month; one of them will become the jury prize winner. 

Prize awarded

Both the winner of the jury prize and the social media winner will be invited in Strasbourg to the first new European Parliament sitting in July 2014, where they will get the chance to create their own photo-reportage of the event.

Happy clicking! 

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