Portal Ghaz-Żgħażagħ Ewropej

Informazzjoni u opportunitajiet għaż-żgħażagħ madwar l-Ewropa.

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Database of European Voluntary Service Organisations

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Welcome to the new database of volunteering opportunities!


It can be difficult to find international projects which are open to receiving volunteers, so this database has been created to make it easier for you find these kinds of projects.


At the moment, this database only shows projects associated with European Voluntary Service, part of the European Union's Erasmus+ programme.


This is a new database, so there are not too many opportunities listed at the moment, but more projects should be added quite quickly so please come back regularly and check out the latest ones.


You can filter the list of projects by using the options on the left, and use the "?" symbols to see more information about each filter option. Click on an opportunity in the list to see full details about that project. You also can click on the organisations which are linked to the project and see more information about them as well.


When you find a project that you are interested in, read its instructions on how to apply; you can then contact the organisation that is coordinating the opportunity by using the "contact email address".


You can also search the database of EVS accredited organisations and make contact with organisations you might be interested to work with. Note, if the organisation does not have an email address displayed, then it probably means they do not have a project on offer right now.


If you want more information on how to find a good volunteering opportunity, read this article.

Please note that these databases are only available in English.