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Participate to an International music festival

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Non-professional and student musicians, you can participate in the annual International music festival in Belfort (France). Send your application form before 15th January 2014.


As every year, the Belfort Town Council and the students associations organise the FIMU (International University Music Festival). 2014 edition : from 7th to 9th June 2014.

Over 2500 non-professional musicians have a chance to give a public performance and make their talent known during this festival. Many of these musicians are students who represent a school or they may just meet friends who love music and have a bit of fun ! The invited musicians come from all around the world to share their musical culture. The festival welcomes all music repertoires: classical, contemporary, jazz, present music, traditional, pop, etc.
70 000 spectators and about 130 bands or orchestras from 31 different countries participate to this free festival.

Bands who wish to participate have to send their application form before the 15th January 2014,
by e-mail :  infos-fimu@mairie-belfort.fr
or by post : FIMU - Hôtel de Ville – Place d’Armes- 90 000 BELFORT- France




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