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If you are searching for the latest European opportunities look no more! Choose among grants, programmes, traineeships, awards and courses that best fit your needs.

To save you time, Eurodesk brings you the list of European opportunities that have deadlines coming up in the next two months. Just click on the ones that are more appealing to you and you will be taken directly to the opportunity's website.


If you don't find anything that interests you or you can't apply so soon, keep checking this page for the latest deadlines.


  Mar 9, 2015    Adobe Youth Voices Awards

  Mar 9, 2015    UNAOC - Education First Summer School

  Mar 16, 2015  JM Jazz World Orchestra

  Mar 18, 2015  Future Leaders Programme

  Mar 20, 2015  Erasmus+ KA3: Prospective initiatives - Policy experimentation in the school education                                     sector

  Mar 20, 2015  Traineeships and student summer jobs at the European Investment Bank

  Mar 21, 2015  Social innovation tournament

  Mar 22, 2015  BEST courses for students of technology 

  Mar 26, 2015   Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

  Mar 26, 2015   Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Chairs

  Mar 26, 2015   Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Modules

  Mar 26, 2015   Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Projects

  Mar 26, 2015   Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Support to associations

  Mar 26, 2015   Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Support to institutions

  Mar 26, 2015   Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Networks

  Mar 26, 2015   EU-Japan training programmes

  Mar 31, 2015  Marco Biagi awards for young scholars

  Mar 31, 2015  Traineeships at the Committee of the Regions

  Mar 31, 2015  Traineeships at the Economic and Social Committee

  Mar 31, 2015  Traineeships at the Office for the Harmonisation in the Internal Market

  Apr 1, 2015    European Youth Foundation - Grants for international youth activities

  Apr 1, 2015    International youth activities in cooperation with the European Youth Centres 

  Apr 1, 2015    EU Aid Volunteers initiative: Technical assistance and Capacity building

  Apr 1, 2015    European Space Camp

  Apr 3, 2015    Erasmus+ Key Action 1 - Large-scale European Voluntary Service events

  Apr 3, 2015    Erasmus+ Key Action 2 - Capacity building in the field of youth

  Apr 15, 2015  Bogliasco Fellowship Programme 

  Apr 28, 2015  Marie-Sklowdowska Curie Actions 

  Apr 30, 2015  Internship programme at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human                                   Rights

  Apr 30, 2105  Traineeships at the Court of Justice

  Apr 30, 2015  Traineeships at the European Ombudsman

  Apr 30, 2015  Traineeships at the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe