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If you are searching for the latest European opportunities look no more! Choose among grants, programmes, traineeships, awards and courses that best fit your needs.

To save you time, Eurodesk brings you the list of European opportunities that have deadlines coming up in the next two months. Just click on the ones that are more appealing to you and you will be taken directly to the opportunity's website.


If you don't find anything that interests you or you can't apply so soon, keep checking this page for the latest deadlines.


Apr 11, 2014    Global Intern 2014  

Apr 15, 2014    Bogliasco Fellowships Programme 

Apr 15, 2014    Traineeships at the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe

Apr 15, 2014    Traineeships at the Office for Harmonisation in the

                        Internal Market (Trade marks and Designs)  

Apr 18, 2014    Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards  

Apr 22, 2014    UNAOC - Education First Summer School  

Apr 23, 2014    AEGEE Summer University  

Apr 26, 2014    Jean Monnet support to institutions within Erasmus+  

Apr 28, 2014    Social Innovation Tournament 

Apr 30, 2014    Internship programme at the Office of the United Nations

                        High Commissioner for Human Rights 

Apr 30, 2014    Marco Biagi Awards for young scholars 

Apr 30, 2014    Mobility project for young people-European Voluntary Service with Erasmus+  

Apr 30, 2014    Mobility project for young people-Youth Exchanges with Erasmus+ 

Apr 30, 2014    Mobility project for youth workers with Erasmus+  

Apr 30, 2014    Strategic Partnerships within Erasmus+  

Apr 30, 2014    Structured Dialogue: meetings between young people and decision-makers

                        in the field of youth within Erasmus+  

Apr 30, 2014    Traineeship at the Court of Justice 

Apr 30, 2014    Traineeships at the European Ombudsman 

May 1, 2014     OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Research Fellowship  

May 1, 2014     Shining Stars of Europe II Video Contest  

May 11, 2014   BEST courses for students of technology  

May 12, 2014   Google Science Fair 2014  

May 15, 2014   Executive Training Programme (ETP) in Japan