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Ready for departure?

If you are searching for the latest European opportunities look no more! Choose among grants, programmes, traineeships, awards and courses that best fit your needs.

To save you time, Eurodesk brings you the list of European opportunities that have deadlines coming up in the next two months. Just click on the ones that are more appealing to you and you will be taken directly to the opportunity's website.


If you don't find anything that interests you or you can't apply so soon, keep checking this page for the latest deadlines.


  June 1, 2015  Training placements at the European Parliament

  June 1, 2015  Young Audiences Music Awards

  June 1, 2015  Winter Youth Olympic Games Medal Design Competition

  June 1, 2015  WTO Essay Award for Young Economists

  June 2, 2015  Horizon2020: European Research Council Advanced Grants

  June 3, 2015  Daphne - Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020

  June 3, 2015  Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

  June 15, 2015  International Essay Contest for Young People

  June 15, 2015  Plural+ Youth Video Festival 2014

  June 15, 2015  Traineeship at the European Medicines agency

  June 28, 2015  European Youth Capital 2018

  June 30, 2015  World Bank Young Professionals Programme

  July 2, 2015  The James Dyson Award 2015

  July 6, 2015  DepicT! 2015 - Can you do it in 90 seconds?


  July 15, 2015  European Photo competition - Living Together


  July 15, 2015  European Youth Award

  July 15, 2015  New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships

  July 31, 2015  Global Junior Challenge Award

  August 1, 2015  The One Minutes Jr. video competition