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Life Long Love

Life Long Love

This video promotes the project of 35 participants from Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Italy, Germany and Turkey who got together in Albania for a youth exchange training earlier in 2013 to discuss about sexual health education.

Albanian organisation, Youth 4 Society partnered up with 7 organisations from different countries to promote the spread of information about sexual health education, giving examples to Balkan cultures in order to help them fight the taboo about sexual equality, sexual health and sexual transmitted disease. The aim of this youth exchange was to help youngsters with fewer opportunities break down their barriers about these issues by creating a safe environment where participants can feel safe to share their opinion. 


Life Long Love included working groups, workshops, buzz groups, role plays, simulation, brainstorming, creativity sessions, evaluation sessions and intercultural evenings.



This project has been granted by the The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).